HAVC Lecturers

Allan Langdale
Early Modern Italian art and the art and architecture of Cyprus
Kirtana Thangavelu
Visual Cultures of India
Hui-chi Lo
Asian Art, Chinese portraiture, late Ming Buddhist paintings, costume portraits at the Qing court, and Chinese ceramic history
Jennifer J. Wagelie
Art and Ethnography of the Pacific Islands, Museum Studies, Art and Anthropology
Emily Egan
Visual cultures of ancient Greece, Rome, and the Near East from the Bronze Age to Late Antiquity
Sarah Miller
European and American modernisms; American visual and material culture; history and theory of photography.
Laura Richard
Modern and contemporary art, emphasis in film
Andrew Turner
Art, iconography, and religious symbolism in pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica
Dongmin Park
Modern architecture and urbanism in East Asia
Deborah Spivak
Art and archaeology of the Andes and Mesoamerica