HAVC Lecturers

Elizabeth Aguilera
Pre-Columbian Art of Latin America
Kim Beil
Modern and contemporary art, photography, art criticism, and nineteenth-century visual culture
Braden Engel
History of modern architecture, 20th century architectural theory
Jacqueline Francis
Modern US Art and Critical Race Visual Studies
Allan Langdale
Early Modern Italian art and the art and architecture of Cyprus
Kelema Moses
Modern and contemporary architecture, colonial urbanism, and the visual culture of Asia and the Pacific
Mary Peterson Zundo
American Art to 1945, 19th-Century European art, Museum Cultures
Karen Rapp
History of Art and Visual Culture
Lisa Regan
History of Art and Visual Culture
Marata Tamaira
Issues of representation in the Pacific, specifically through the visual arts and filmmaking.
Kirtana Thangavelu
Visual Cultures of India