HAVC Courses

The History of Art and Visual Culture Program has renumbered its courses to reflect a regional model (effective Fall 2010).  The new number system offers more clarity in fulfilling major/minor requirements and creating an academic plan.

Lower division courses, numbered 1-99, provide an introduction to the field of visual culture according to geographic area and visual tradition within those areas.  Upper division courses, numbered 100 and above, cover a broad range of issues in various aspects of diverse visual culture from earliest times to the present.  The most advanced courses, numbered 190 and 191, are taught in seminar format.


Geographic regions:

10s Africa and its Diaspora

20s Asia and its Diaspora

30s-40s Europe and the Americas

50s Mediterranean

60s Native Americas

70s Oceania and its Diaspora


See the number charts for a correlations between old and new numbering system. 

List of old to new numbering

List of new to old numbering


Please contact the HAVC undergraduate advisor with any questions or concerns regarding the new number system.