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2012-13 Awardees

Dean's Undergraduate Award

Tiffany Ann Seagrave

Project: The Dichotomy of Visual Beauty: Portraiture of the Ideal and

Faculty Sponsors:  Kim Beil and Elisabeth Cameron


Michael Patrick Yarnell

Project: By Resort to Parables: Space, Time, and Awakened Minds in the Lotus

Faculty Sponsor: Raoul


Department Highest Honors

Jeffrey Charest

Nina Lopez

Pamela Ong

Tiffany Seagrave


Department Honors 

Brendan Arenas

Christopher Farron

Natasha Galvez

Robert McDonnell

Alexis Padilla

Maribeth Rohman

Taylor Stephens

Christina Wiley


Honors in the Senior Exit Seminar

Malek Allen

Alessandra Bortolazzo

Matthew Hankins

Martin Hernandez

Angel Lopez

Nina Lopez

Pamela Ong

Tiffany Seagrave

Taylor Stephens

Elyssa Westby

Christina Wiley


HAVC/Porter College Fellowship

Rebecca Goldberg - Summer travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina to document graffiti art.

Victoria Smyrniotis - Summer travel to Greece to document and explore Greek history. 


Patricia and Rowland Rebele Grants

Samantha Linford - Internship in Arizona

Colin Mendez - Research and travel to Cambodia

Ruby June Molinari - Research and travel to Mexico City

Anna Nelson - Research and travel to Hong Kong

Paulo Ramos - Living expenses in Mexico City

Sara Sanchez - Travel to Denver for Graduate School