Visual Studies Ph.D. Students

Kristen Laciste
Contemporary Art from Africa and its Diasporas
Ace Lehner
Contemporary Art and Visual Culture, Queer and Trans* Theory, Gender Theory, Contemporary Photography, Video, collaborative practices, Critical Issues in Art Practice, Identity and Representation, Critical Race and Performance Theory.
Alexandra Macheski
Colonial Peru, the Andes; gender performance, sexuality, queer theory; identity; the history of emotions, the soma, trauma theory.
Amanda M. Maples
African visual culture; Museum representations of Africa; Sierra Leone; African performative arts; Senegalese gold jewelry; African colonial postcards
Alexandra C Moore
Contemporary art, social practice and collaborative art, postcolonial theory, African urban space and visual culture.
crystal am nelson
Identity and representation, contemporary African Diasporic art, visual culture and citational practices, contemporary photography, digital and new media, social practices, performance
Rachel Nelson
The Political Economies of Contemporary Art, Art and Activism, Conflict Studies, Globalism, Art in the Global South, Feminist Studies, Critical Theory
LuLing Osofsky
Visual culture and the environment in China, documentary, landscape, architecture of trauma
Jordan Reznick
Photography and Whiteness in American Visual Culture
Diana C Rose
Performance, embodiment and time in pre-Hispanic and contemporary Mesoamerica