Visual Studies Ph.D. Students

Tatiane Santa Rosa
Contemporary Art, 20th-21st Centuries Latin American and Brazilian art, Latin American, and Brazilian Visual Culture.
Ellen Haruko Takata
History of religious and political approaches to aesthetics in the cultures of Catholic missionaries and converts in the region of Indochina, with emphasis on Vietnam
Mary Thomas
Visual Culture in Southern California
Kris Timken
North American Environmental Imaginary and Whiteness, Race and Visuality, Political Ecology
Madison Treece
Contemporary visual culture, political and activist art, intersectionalities of social identities and systems in contemporary art practice.
Maggie Wander
Material and visual cultures of Oceania, environment and ecology, Indigenous media, Native American material and visual culture
Mitchell Winter
South Asian Visual Cultures and religion, anthropological engagements with the sacred via European colonialism, Sanskrit poetics and aesthetics
Michelle Yee