Teaching Profiles

Ace Lehner (2013 cohort) teaches Photography Now, in Summer 2015 and Winter 2016

Whether I am teaching studio courses or large art history style lectures I am dedicated to providing dynamic arts education and instilling a sense of critical and creative thinking in my students.

Sara Blaylock (2011 cohort) teaches German Art 1905 – 1945, in Summer Session 2016

I had an extraordinary experience teaching this course. I was fortunate to have a group of twenty enthusiastic students whose curiosity and commitment to the course exceeded all of my expectations and pushed me as an educator.

Mary Thomas (2011 cohort) teaches Introduction to U.S. Art and Visual Culture, in Spring 2016

Working with my students to create podcasts about American art history was an eye-opening experience. The most rewarding parts of this project for me as the instructor were the ongoing conversations that I had with students throughout the quarter and the opportunity to witness them develop a mastery of their material. They consistently surprised me with their creative approach toward their subjects and their drive to convey their passion for their topics for a public audience.

Lorraine Affourtit (2012 cohort) teaches Activist Art in Mexico, in Spring 2016

In Spring 2016, I developed and taught the course Activist Art in Mexico, which offered me the opportunity to introduce new pedagogies in the classroom and get unique insights and inspiration from my students’ work.