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Sara Blaylock to present a paper at the University of Birmingham, July 3-4, 2015

"House, Work, ArtWork: Feminism and Art History's New Domesticities"
May 4, 2015

111-kilometers of files from East Germany’s secret police (Stasi) remain in public archives. In her paper, "Being the woman they thought she was: Cornelia Schleime performs her Stasi file," Sara Blaylock examines how one artist worked through her file in her 1993 photo-text series, Bis auf weitere gute Zusammenarbeit, Nr. 7284/85 (Until further useful collaboration). Today one of Germany’s leading painters, Schleime was then a pivotal force within the East German experimental arts scene: a painter, a filmmaker, and a punk rocker. Sara's paper argues for the primacy of gender identification as a mechanism by which the Stasi interpellated and surveilled its subjects.

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