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Emeriti Faculty

Professor Emerita
European painting (especially French) from 1600 to the 1960s; German art and visual culture between the two world wars; art as social practice; portraiture.
Harry Berger portrait
Professor Emeritus
Renaissance and Baroque art and pictorial theory
Birnbaum portrait
Professor Emeritus, Patricia and Rowland Rebele Endowed Chair in History of Art and Visual Culture, Gary D. Licker Memorial Chair at Cowell College (UCSC), 2015-2018
Buddhist studies, especially Chinese practices from medieval times to the present; religion and visual culture in China.
Professor Emeritus
Visual and conceptual representation in premodern China, especially landscape/painting; Asian art history.
Virginia Jansen
Professor Emerita
Medieval visual culture, urbanism, and secular building; Gothic architecture, campus planning and architecture.
Nan Rosenthal in the 1980s
Professor Emerita
Modern and contemporary art
Catherine portrait
Professor Emerita
European cultural theory, aesthetics, and the historiography of art; performance studies; early modern Italian art; media history including film; Jewish identity and representation.