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Byzantium: An Oecumenical Empire, exhibition catalogue, October 2001-January 2002, Athens, Byzantine and Christian Museum

The catalogue accompanied a major international exhibition held at the Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens, with objects from various Greek and foreign museums. The exhibition focused on the ecumenical character of Byzantine culture from various points of view: Byzantine geographical perception of the world (ecumene); the ideology of ecumenical power in Byzantine politics; the idea of ecumenicity in the Byzantine Church; Byzantine administration as an instrument of ecumenical aspirations; and the ecumenical radiance of Byzantine culture seen through the influence it exerted on other cultures of Europe, Asia and Africa. In addition to several entries on important objects, including icons, manuscripts, sculptures, textiles, ivories, coins, seals and documents, the catalogue includes a number of specialized essays on issues ranging from Byzantine history and politics and Byzantine imperial regalia to the international influence of Byzantine coinage and finally interactions between Byzantium and other cultures (the Islamic world, the Slavs, Armenians and Georgians, Western Europe).

M. Evangelatou, H. Papastavrou, and P.-T. Skotti (eds)