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Leslie Lodwick's chapter "Backward to Wayward" featured in Paths to Prison: On the Architectures of Carcerality

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November 9, 2020

Ph.D. student Leslie Lodwick's chapter "Backward to Wayward: Listening to Archives of Disciplinary Education in Philadelphia" was featured in Isabelle Kirkham-Lewitt's edited volume, Paths to Prison: On the Architectures of Carcerality, published October 2020 by Columbia Books on Architecture and the City. The chapter traces the long architectural history of disciplinary education in Philadelphia through the Boone School.  From its early days as a public disciplinary school informed by wayward minor laws, orthogenic discipline, and early clinical psychology up through its current iteration as a public/private alternative charter school, this text aims to implicate architectural spaces of disciplinary education and their relationship with a carceral state.

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