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Porter Cinema Movie Nights

Thu Jan 12, 2017, 8:00pm to Thu Mar 16, 2017, 8:00pm
The Bridge Gallery, Porter College

Thursday Night Movies

 Stages of Becoming: Movies about Discovery

of Self, the Other, the Unknown

Jan. 12 sub-theme: Discovering New Realities; Bending Reality, Expanding Horizons

Movie: Gravity

Film about a space flight gone wrong and in which the protagonist must fight with all her composure, strength, determination to survive—this is a blockbuster with a heart-racing story but has beautiful, terrifying visuals.


Jan. 26 sub-theme: Discovering Self; Interior Dialogues/ Dilemmas…

Movie: Dope

A smart and quirky kid in a troubled neighborhood aims to get into an elite school but has to navigate around bad influences, general existential quandaries, and just being a teenager…



Feb. 9 sub-theme: Love re: Discovering the Self; Discovering the Other

Movie: Let the Right One In

A Swedish film that got great reviews for its subtle treatment of a classic horror film theme—vampires—and also incorporates a budding love story. It is engrossing, unnerving and scary, but also cinematically just good.



Feb. 23 sub-theme: Discovery of…the Subconscious
Movie: Inception

A sci-fi thriller about a man involved in corporate espionage who tampers with psychology and mental states of others to get coveted information…



March 9 sub-theme: Discovering the Reaches of the Imagination

Movie: Life of Pi

Based on Yann Martel’s novel, this entertaining, visually beautiful film is about a young man’s physical and metaphysical quests.



March 16 sub-theme: Discovering Meaning and Potential

Movie: Wall-E

A film about a lone robot who finds and makes meaning in a world that seems devoid of beauty and comfort…



Every other Thursday

*Movies are free! Bring a friend!*