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HAVC Mentors

Katie Barksdale Portrait

Kat Barksdale is a second-year HAVC major with a Curation, Heritage, & Museums concentration from Southern California. Other than being interested in everything about art, she likes to focus on studying figure drawing and the development of how the human body has been portrayed throughout... more

Isabella Bradley Portrait

Isabella is a third-year HAVC major and Anthropology minor. She is interested in studying architecture, human intervention in nature, the built environment and the socioeconomic impacts of urbanization. She is also always down to talk about contemporary art; some of her favorite contemporary... more

Joslyn Chu Portrait

Joslyn Chu is a fourth-year student who is working toward a double major in HAVC and Psychology. Oceanic art is her main concentration when studying and her interest lies in the intersections in climate change activism, Western impact upon Oceanic cultures, and contemporary art. She is currently... more

Chloe Farber Portrait

Chloe is a second-year HAVC major from San Diego, California. She is interested in early modern artistic encounters between Europe and Asia as well as nineteenth-century European painting, architecture, and gender politics. Other than art, Chloe has a strong interest in the history and... more

Madison Garay Portrait

Madison is a second-year HAVC major from an unremarkable corner of the SF Bay Area. Her passions lie in queer visual culture, icons/iconoclasm, modern-contemporary Chicanx art, Catholicism in Mexican visual culture, spirituality in art and architecture (especially within the museum space), and... more

Chloe Honkoski Portrait

Chloe is a third-year HAVC and Economics double major from Los Angeles. She shares an interest in the politics of Art History, regarding Indigenous repatriation rights as well as the portrayal of gender roles in society. Other fields of study she is passionate about are cinema, architecture, and... more

Lexi Kortman Portrait

Lexi is a second-year HAVC major from Orange County, CA. She is especially interested in architecture and how it reflects human behavior in relation to the built environment. She also is intrigued by how it shapes, and is shaped by, cultural values in respective eras and locations. Moreover, she... more

Leea is a fourth-year HAVC major with a minor in mathematics. She is interested in the influence and subsequent alteration of European Modernism throughout the Americas, especially in post-Revolutionary Mexico. She is also an advocate for museums as community spaces and has interned at the Santa... more

Rayne Shelton Portrait

Rayne Shelton is a fourth-year student double majoring in History, specifically Europe and the Mediterranean World, and History of Art & Visual Culture. She is interested in how various types of art are a representation of life and making those deeper connections with classes she has taken.... more

Jane Wang Portrait

Jane is a third-year HAVC major with a minor in education. She is interested in the Asian and West countries' art. Under the influence of her family background, she tends to understand the differences between eastern and western culture and art, and to experience the different countries’... more

Max Ward Portrait

Max is a third-year anthropology and HAVC double major from San Diego. He is interested in Andean archaeology and art history, having previously done a field season at the site Cochasquí in Ecuador. He is also invested in how contemporary societal norms and beliefs affect how we look at the art... more