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HAVC Mentors

Katie Barksdale Portrait

Katie Barksdale is a third-year at UCSC majoring in both HAVC and Film & Digital Media from Southern California. Other than having a general interest in all contemporary culture, they are especially interested in artistic documentation of the human body and identity. Katie spends most of... more

Riley Block Portrait

Riley is a fourth-year anthropology major minoring in HAVC from Los Angeles. She is interested in the many ways in which visual culture can reflect certain time periods, and help us today better understand the past. Her favorite period of art is post-impressionism, but she is also extremely... more

Isabella Bradley Portrait

Isabella is a fourth-year HAVC major and anthropology minor. She is interested in studying architecture, human intervention in nature, the built environment and the socioeconomic impacts of urbanization. She is also always down to talk about contemporary art; some of her favorite contemporary... more

Madison Garay Portrait

Madison is a third-year HAVC major from Fairfield, CA. Her passions lie in postmodernism, icons/iconoclasm, Catholic visual culture, spirituality in art and architecture (especially within the museum space), and new curation practices. She is not all new-school, however–– she loves studying the... more

Lexi Kortman Portrait

Lexi is a third-year HAVC major from Orange County, CA. She is especially interested in architecture, and how it reflects human behavior in relation to the built environment. She also has an interest in visual culture as a tool for deconstructing power structures and being utilized as a tool for... more

Audrey Mottalei Portrait

Audrey is a third year psychology major and HAVC minor from Napa, California. She is very interested in the way that art interacts with psychology and how knowledge from both disciplines can be used to better understand artists themselves and why they feel compelled to create what they do.... more

Chloe Seifert Portrait

Chloe is a fourth-year history major and HAVC minor from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is interested in modern and contemporary art, particularly site-specific art and documentary photography, and issues of gender and race in the post-colonial context. Her favorite contemporary artists include Laure... more

Max Ward Portrait

Max is a fourth-year anthropology and HAVC double major from San Diego. He is interested in Andean archaeology and art history, having previously done a field season at the site Cochasquí in Ecuador. He is also invested in how contemporary societal norms and beliefs affect how we look at the art... more