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Completed Ph.D. Dissertations

Dissertations Completed in 2020

Lehner, Ace, "Trans Representations: Non-Binary Visual Theory in Contemporary Photography" (Dissertation Advisor: Derek Murray)

Reznick, Jordan, "Settler Modernism: Alfred Stieglitz's The Steerage and the Vicissitudes of Whiteness, 1890-1930" (Dissertation Advisor: Martin Berger)

Dissertations Completed in 2018

Ferguson, Brinker, "Recalibrating the Museum: The Politics of Stewardship and the Physical/Digital Repatriation of Te Hau-Ki-Turanga" (Dissertation Advisor: Soraya Murray)

Hickey, Amber, “The Aesthetics of Decolonial Worlding: Contemporary Art and Activism Across Turtle Island” (Dissertation Advisor: Derek Murray)

Hobart, Aubrey, “Treasures and Splendors: Exhibiting Colonial Latin American Art in U.S. Museums, 1920-2020” (Dissertation Advisor: Carolyn Dean)

Maples, Amanda M., "Free Youth in Freetown: Masked Performance and Urban Cultural Arts in Sierra Leone" (Dissertation Advisor: Elisabeth Cameron)

Dissertations Completed in 2017

Blaylock, Sara, "Infiltration and Excess: Experimental Art and the East German State, 1980 - 1989" (Dissertation Advisor: Jennifer González)

Rose, Diana, "Living Time, Performing Memory: Maya Ceremonies of Foundation and Renewal" (Dissertation Advisor: Carolyn Dean)

Thomas, Mary, “Enacted Sites: Art and the Visualization of Spatial Justice in Los Angeles, 1966-2014” (Dissertation Advisor: Jennifer González)

Dissertations Completed in 2016

Nelson, Rachel, "At the Edge of Ruin: Seeing Art Under Perpetual Conflict" (Dissertation Advisor: Jennifer González)