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Core Faculty

Elisabeth Cameron, gender, performance, play and iconoclasm in Central Africa

Carolyn Dean, performance, costume and nonresemblant artifacts in Pre-Hispanic and Colonial Spanish America

T.J. Demos, contemporary art and visual culture (especially film, video, and photography), globalization, postcolonial studies, and political ecology

Maria Evangelatou, gender, politics and religion in ancient Greek and Byzantine art and visual culture

Jennifer González, installation and activist art, theories of race and representation, digital art

Stacy Kamehiro, identity politics and colonial histories in Oceania

Yi Yi Mon (Rosaline) Kyo, art and visual cultures of modern and contemporary Tibet and China; visual construction of race, ethnicity, and gender in Asia; art of the Tibetan diaspora; socialist art and visual cultures; colonial visual cultures

Boreth Ly, trauma, gender and sexuality in Southeast Asia and its Diaspora

Derek Conrad Murray, theory and criticism of contemporary art, cultural theory, identity and representation, art of the African diaspora, popular visual culture

Albert Narath, modern and contemporary architecture and design; environmental history, theories of technology, historiography of modernism, anthropology and architecture

Kyle Parry, digital media and visual culture; art, documentary, and disaster; memory and politics; archival theory and practice; data, technology, and environment; history and theory of photography; critical media practice

Kailani Polzak, art and visual culture in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Europe; visual constructions of race; material cultures of empire and colonialism; natural history illustration; histories of print production and circulation


Affiliated Faculty

Jasmine Alinder (History & Dean of Humanities), history of photography, museum studies, digital/public humanities, Japanese American experience during World War II

Noriko Aso (History), Japanese history, cultural studies, gender and history, race and ethnicity, colonialism, nationalism, Korean history, and popular culture

Karen Bassi (Literature), Greek and Latin literatures; gender; literary and cultural theory; pre- and early modern studies; historiography; visual and performance studies

Hunter Bivens (Literature), twentieth and twenty-first century German literature, culture, and film, Marxism and critical theory, socialist realism and proletarian literature, modernism and left avant-gardes, novel theory

Vilashini Cooppan (Literature), comparative and world literature, with a focus on Africa, the Indian subcontinent, the Caribbean, Britain; literatures of slavery, colonialism, apartheid, and diaspora; Atlantic World and Indian Ocean studies; colonial, decolonial, and postcolonial thought; critical race theory, memory and trauma studies, affect theory, genre theory, autotheory. 

Jon Daehnke (Anthropology), critical heritage studies, cultural resource policy and law, Indigenous studies, and the history and archaeology of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Irene Gustafson (Film and Digital Media), producing across the boundaries between "theory" and "practice," non-fiction, gender and queers, production design

Christine Hong (Literature), Asian American literature and cultural criticism; African American literature and black freedom studies; Korean diasporic cultural production; Pacific Rim studies; postcolonial theory; critical race theory; human rights discourse; law and literature; narrative theory; film and visual studies

Lisbeth Haas (History), local histories of globalization; indigenous histories of California; subaltern scholars and their writing and painting; Spanish colonial and Mexican California; the Borderlands, especially the U.S. and Mexico; the Colonial Americas; California studies; global histories of race, ethnicity, and diaspora; gendered stories

Peter Limbrick (Film and Digital Media), postcolonial and transnational cinemas, race, gender, sexuality, queer theory

Amy Lonetree (History), indigenous history, museum studies, commemoration and public memory, Native American cultural production, public history, and Ho-Chunk tribal history

Soraya Murray (Film and Digital Media), new media art, theory, and criticism; visual culture including digital, film, video, and electronic games; theories of technology and globalization; media representations of technological and scientific advancement; representations of otherness, migration, citizenship

Mark Nash (Digital Arts New Media), Postcolonial perspectives on modern and contemporary art, with a particular focus on curating exhibitions most recently Grief and Grievance New Museum NY 2020, founding member of the Isaac Julien Lab at UCSC

Vanita Seth (Politics), early modern European thought, feminist, postcolonial and postmodernist theory, histories of racial discourse, histories of modernity and histories of the body

Warren Sack (Film and Digital Media), theory and practice of digital media, software design and media theory

G.S. Sahota (Literature), Photography, film, Orientalism, South Asia, Marxism, Frankfurt School, aesthetic theory

Shelly Stamp (Film and Digital Media), silent cinema, female filmmakers, film censorship, histories of moviegoing, early Hollywood

Yiman Wang (Film and Digital Media), transnational/trans-regional Chinese cinemas of all periods, Intra-Asian and cross-Pacific film remakes, Pan-East Asian celebrity culture, East Asian cultural studies, and Asian American cinema


Emeriti Affiliated Faculty

James Clifford (History of Consciousness, Emeritus), anthropology, indigeneity, museum studies, exoticism

Shelly Errington (Anthropology, Emeritus), globalization of folk art, visual and social semiotics, photography, film, the Internet and digital media, Southeast Asia, and Latin America

Kathy Foley (Theater Arts, Emeritus), Southeast Asian drama and dance; puppetry

Dianne Gifford-Gonzalez (Anthropology, Emeritus), zooarchaeology, African archaeology, pastoralism, colonial New Mexico, interpretive theory, visual anthropology, emergence of pastoralism in East Africa; foodways as cultural practices in colonial encounters