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Gaby Greenlee presented at the Bay Area Graduate Symposium in Art History, Film, and Media Studies at Stanford University

December 10, 2015

Gaby's talk, "A Season and a Time: Turn and Return in Andean Textiles," on November 14, 2015, looked at aspects of time and narrative in Andean textiles. In their original cultural context Andean textiles encompass narratives of origin, place, and geography in a way that is invested in time but not obviously so. Gaby's paper discussed how textile design and structure relay culturally specific stories/histories, rooted in place, and how this information is carried through temporal notions of primacy, lineage, and legacy.  The topic of South American (Andean) textiles was posed within a broader context of Western art history's interest in the narrative, representational, and temporal versus spatial qualities of visual objects. 


Image Caption: Ceremonial Coca bag (chuspa). Pocoma culture, Late Intermediate (900-1420 CE). Simple warp-faced structure. Production site: Arica interior, Chile; Find site: Arica interior, Chile. Archaeological and Anthropological Museum of San Miguel de Azapa (Courtesy:

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