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Maggie Wander presented a paper at the College Art Association’s 2017 conference in New York City

February 27, 2017

Maggie Wander presented her paper “‘Talking Back’ to Settler Colonialism: How Windjarrameru (The Stealing C*nt$) Responds to a History of Erasure” at this year’s College Art Association conference in New York City. The paper analyzes the film Windjarrameru (The Stealing C*nt$) by an Aboriginal Australian organization called the Karrabing Film Collective. Maggie’s paper explains how the film visualizes the connection between settler colonial histories, environmental destruction, and ethnographic misrepresentation. The paper argues the Karrabing Film Collective strategically resists the dominant historical narrative in which Aboriginal Australians are erased from history and misrepresented through film.


Image caption: Film still from Windjarrameru (The Stealing C*nt$), directed by Elizabeth Povinelli, 2015

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