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About the Refract Journal

Refract: An Open Access Visual Studies Journal is an experimental, non-canonical platform for the discussion of visual culture through diverse histories and cultures.

A graduate student initiative, Refract publishes annually and is peer-reviewed. We invite the interdisciplinary, the multi-sensorial, the new, the difficult, and the in-between in critical analyses of visual cultures from diverse geographies and histories. We publish scholarly articles; essays; poetry; book, media, and exhibition reviews; and other creative contributions.

Managing Editor
Maggie Wander

Editorial Board
Rachel Bonner
Susanna Collinson
Leslie Lodwick
Kelsey McFaul
Maureen McGuire
Stacy Schwartz
Madison Treece

Michael Conlee

Advisory Board
Carolyn Dean
Derek Conrad Murray
Kyle Parry

Past Members
Gaby Greenlee
Aubrey Hobart
Kate Korroch
Kristen Laciste
Alexandra Macheski
Tatiane Santa Rosa
Mitchell Winter