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Andrea Diaz: Artist Teacher Partnership

Videographer for the Santa Cruz Arts Council

Arts Council Santa Cruz - Artist Teacher Partnership with Saki

The Artist Teacher Partnership (ATP) is a program that was started by the Santa Cruz Arts Council which brings dance, music, theatre, and visual arts to classrooms by pairing classroom teachers with SPECTRA Teaching Artists. Together they integrate class curriculum with the arts to engage students in their learning experience and to help them develop listening, motor, communication, and critical thinking skills.

Andrea Diaz was hired as a videographer for the Santa Cruz Arts Council to record footage of their educational programs for an application to the California Arts Council Artists in Schools Grant. With this funding, the Arts Council can continue to provide educational programs through the Artist Teacher Partnership which have been proven to help English Language Learners in underserved schools. These programs instill confidence in students, help them develop new skills, and make the class curriculum more meaningful. 

Teaching Artist Partnership with Laurel Shastri
Teaching Artist Partnership with Saki Tamao