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HAVC/Porter College Scholarship

The application period for the HAVC/Porter College Scholarship is currently closed. Please watch for updates winter 2025. 

This scholarship is now available to students majoring or minoring in history of art & visual culture (HAVC) regardless of college affiliation. Funding is provided by the Porter College Provost. Eligible students are invited to submit proposals to enhance their intellectual and educational experience.  Grants can be used to support research, travel, and other disciplinary-related projects.  Depending on the number of applicants and the amount of funding available, awards typically range from $200 to $1,000. 

HAVC Porter Scholarship Application (check back winter 2025)
Sample proposal and budget

Clare Wedding Student Enrichment Scholarship

The application period for the Clare Wedding Student Enrichment Scholarship is currently closed. Please watch for updates winter 2025. 

Through the generosity of Randy and Celia Wedding, The Clare Wedding Student Enrichment Endowment provides support for undergraduate students in the History of Art and Visual Culture (HAVC) Department.  The fund is administered by the department chair and may be used for a variety of purposes that benefit undergraduates related to two primary themes: 
  • The study of art of the Pacific Rim countries and communities, including Oceania (the Pacific Islands). 
    • This includes all Pacific Rim countries and Oceania (i.e., Asian countries bordering the Pacific Ocean, Australia, the Pacific Islands, Canada, the U.S., and Latin American countries bordering the Pacific Ocean).  
    • The scholarship also supports proposals related to Pacific Rim and Oceanic diasporic art and visual culture (e.g., art related to diasporic Hmong communities in Minnesota, or art related to diasporic Micronesian communities in Arkansas).
  • The support of students pursuing practical experiences in the curation and display of art and visual culture. 
    • Scholarship funds could also be used to support students pursuing historical and/or theoretical training in curatorial, museum, and/or heritage studies at UCSC. This type of study would inform practical applications. 
Appropriate uses of this scholarship include:
  • Provide students with internships at accredited museums, including supplementing resources for students who have secured their own internships (e.g., assist with housing and travel expenses)
  • Provide funds for courses that offer students practical curatorial or exhibition experience (e.g., instructional or materials funds)
  • Provide funds for students to pursue independent research projects (e.g., assist with travel and research expenses)
  • Fund field trips to museums, other cultural institutions, or conferences
  • Bring guest speakers to campus for HAVC courses or special events
There is also funding available for faculty and organizations through Clare Wedding Student Enrichment Internships.  If you would like to propose to support a HAVC student through a research assistantship or internship, please complete the application form below (the application period is open spring quarter with a May 13th, 2024 deadline). 
Clare Wedding Student Enrichment Scholarship Application (check back winter 2025)
Sample proposal and budget
Patricia and Rowland Rebele Grant
The application period for the Patricia and Rowland Rebele is open! The application deadline is Wednesday, May 8th, 2024. 

These grants, generously funded by Patricia and Rowland Rebele, are available to history of art & visual culture majors and minors regardless of college affiliation.  Students may request support for research, travel for study purposes, costs related to accepting an internship, or expenses that aid the successful completion of their studies. 

Suggestions for what you can do with the funding:

  • Attend a conference or academic gathering related to your scholarly interests.
  • Travel to research sites, museums, archives, etc. to conduct research.
  • Organize a scholarly event, exhibit, symposium, guest speaker, or publication.
  • Purchase equipment essential to your research.
  • Offset the cost of visiting schools where you intend to apply for graduate school.
  • Offset the cost of participating in the Education Abroad Program.
  • Support for students with specific financial needs.

Patricia and Rowland Rebele Grant Application
Sample proposal and budget

Previous Scholarship Recipients  

2020-21, 2021-22, and 2022-23 scholarships were awarded but recipient lists have not been updated
2019-20 Scholarship Recipients
2018-19 Scholarship Recipients
2017-18 Scholarship Recipients
2016-17 Scholarship Recipients

For more information regarding scholarships please speak with your faculty advisor.