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2018-19 Awardees

Chancellor's and Dean's Undergraduate Award

Alex Hiatt – Chancellor’s and Dean’s Awards
Fabrications, Articulations, Activations: Creating Vā Through Intentional Juxtapositions & Decolonizing the “Dusky Maiden”
Faculty Sponsor: Associate Professor Stacy Kamehiro

Daniel Fisher – Dean’s Award
The Myth of Leisure: Bean Bag Chairs and Corporate Tech Campuses
Mentored by: Assistant Professor Albert Narath

Ava Kristy – Dean’s Award
Refining Tastes
Mentored by: Graduate Teaching Fellow Jordan Reznick

Samwell Gervacio – Dean’s Award
Our World in Wilson’s Hands
Mentored by: Graduate Teaching Fellow Jordan Reznick and Teaching Assistant Marion Cadora

Department Highest Honors

Aliyah Harrison
Alex Hiatt
Savanna Randi

Department Honors

Meztli Beas
Zoë Elliott
Natasha Fabricant
Rachel Maryam Smith
Marina Warren
Roman Zangari

Honors in the Senior Exit Seminar

Daniel Fisher
Tomas Gonzalez Cueto
Aliyah Harrison
Jordyn Parent