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Ace Lehner to present current research: "Trans* Selfies: Self-Portraiture in the age of Non-Binary Gender and Social Media"

At the 7th Kern Conference on Visual Communication
March 15, 2016

The 2016 Kern conference, "Selfies, Self-Portraits, and Social Media" at the Rochester Institute of Technology, April 14-16, 2016 will be focused on the spectacle of the “selfie.” Key issues that drive this inquiry include: 1) intense interest in social media, co-creation, and participatory consumer culture, 2) a desire to historically contextualize the selfie within art history, identity theory, and photography, 3) positioning the selfie as a distinctive self-performative act, and 4) conceptual and methodological foundations for studying the selfie as a visual communication phenomenon. Goals include exploring current developments, research methods and interdisciplinary research into how social media, self-portraiture and the selfie interact. One particular theme is to develop a series of historical and contemporary examples to trace a visual genealogy of the selfie, following interpretive and historical work in consumer culture theory, photography, and visual culture.

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