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Gaby Greenlee is awarded a Walter Read Hovey grant through the Pittsburgh Foundation to aid in the development of her dissertation on colonial Andean visual culture

Manuscript, 1600, re: "Guerta y Casa de Yucay," Library of Congress
July 4, 2018

The Walter Read Hovey grant will allow me to develop my dissertation over the next academic year. I will be able to visit museum collections and library archives with holdings relevant to my research on early colonial Andean visual culture that would otherwise be difficult for me to access. As I am in the early stages of writing my dissertation I am still seeking key opportunities to examine pre-colonial and colonial period textile samples up close as well as visit certain library resources that could strengthen my dissertation. By facilitating the extent to which I can carry out primary-source research over the next several months this grant will contribute immensely to how I shape my thesis and the quality of its content.

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