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LuLing Osofsky Presents a Lyric Alternate Cartography of Wyoming at the 115th Annual Pacific Ancient and Modern Languages Association Conference in Honolulu, HI

Figurines for sale in a Wyoming thrift store, photo by LuLing Osofsky
July 25, 2018

In November 2017, LuLing presented "Wild Wild East: Finding Asia in the West"  a cartographic ethnography and visual essay that posits Laramie, Wyoming, a small western town, and its surrounding barren mesa plains, as a distinctly Asian place, an unsuspecting Chinatown. If one understands “place” as an amalgam of physical landscape, the history and activity that exists within that landscape, and the ties, personal and collective, which bind us to it, then despite its staunch mythologizing as the “Wild West,” the essay contends that Laramie, Wyoming, can be read as Chinese terrain. LuLing delivered a performative reading of this project at SF MoMA in April 2017.

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