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Bridget R. Cooks Lecture

Fri May 6, 2016, 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Porter College, Room 245

Please join us on Friday, May 6 for a special guest lecture with Professor Bridget R. Cooks, Associate Professor of Art History and Chair of the Department of African American Studies at UC Irvine.

In this talk, art historian Bridget R. Cooks examines The Problem We All Live With (1963), Norman Rockwell’s depiction of young Ruby Bridges being escorted by federal marshals to integrate an all-White elementary school in New Orleans. Considered in relationship to Rockwell’s previous depictions of African Americans, and presented within the liberal context of Look magazine, Cooks argues that what has been considered a bold painting in Rockwell’s representation of an inclusive America is actually a quite cautious depiction of an interracial encounter.


Bridget R. Cooks: "Norman Rockwell's Negro Problem"

Friday May 6, 2 –4 pm | Porter College, Room 245