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VMCC Colloquia Series: Jill Casid, "Trembling the Necrocene"

Fri Nov 3, 2023, 3:00pm to 4:30pm
Porter College Room D245 at UCSC
Presented by: 
History of Art & Visual Culture


Audiences are invited to a guest lecture from artist, theorist, historian, and professor of visual studies, Jill H. Casid.

As we confront the worldlessness of a planet on fire, what to do with the ways we are being undone? Casid takes back melancholy, that pathologized other side of grief and mourning as an urgent praxis for negotiating our abandonment in what they term the Necrocene. Casid elaborates melancholy's potential as a queer, crip and trans* medium for living our dying on a dying planet in ways that contest the situation of killing disposability in which the global heteropatriarchal racial capitalism that makes a viral mutation such as Covid-19 lethal also fuels anti-Black, anti-trans, and imperialist violence. Casid focuses on the tremble of antiphonic performance that issues a reverberative, haunting call that is not strictly human or vocal. Thinking with current art and activist praxis, they develop the potential of antiphonic performance as a technology to convoke collectivities beyond identarian bounds and across earth, humanimal and plant bodies via the kind of lamentation that shivers materially in and out of the terrain of our dispossession.  

- Free and open to the public

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