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Brittany Sheldon

Dr. Brittany Sheldon (B.A. '07) is currently working at Humboldt State University as the Art Department Gallery Director where she runs the Reese Bullen and Goudi'ni Native American Arts Galleries. She also teaches courses in Art History and for the Department's Museum and Gallery Certificate program. She received her master's and doctoral degrees in Art History and African studies at Indiana University in Bloomington. Her research highlights women's artistry in the rural communities of northeastern Ghana and southern Burkina Faso. She created an online exhibition entitled "State of an Art: Women's Artistry in Northeastern Ghana and Southern Burkina Faso." Based on filed research conducted between 2012 and 2016, this website showcases specific examples of plastering and painting, pottery-making, and basket-weaving processes as well as portraits of the women artists involved in them. Dr. Sheldon also wrote an article in which she expands her discussion on specific women artists, exploring their lives, work, expertise in and knowledge about their traditional artistic practices. Her research interests include indigenous architectural traditions, African women's arts, contemporary international African and diasporic art and artists, and the role of artistry in the formation of national identity.