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Gerui Wang

Gerui Wang Portrait
Ecological art history; art and science; art and policy
Research Interests: 

Gerui Wang’s research interests span arts, public policy, environment, and technologies. Her forthcoming book From Painting to Pillow: Landscape, Governance and Ecology in China, 1000-1400 demonstrates the overlooked ecological thinking and notions of “sustainability” manifested in flourishing landscape imagery across artistic media, medicinal treatises, cartographical practices, and geographical writings. Gerui’s new project examines artificial intelligence and contemporary art, especially works produced by Asian Artists or Artists of the Asian Diaspora.

Selected Publications: 

From Painting to Pillow: Landscape, Governance, and Ecology in China, 1000-1400 (forthcoming 2024)


Picturing Parental Love for Girls in Song (960-1279) China,Journal of Chinese History, July (2023):1-33, Cambridge University Press.


Digital Humans are Reinvigorating Chinese Cultural Heritage,” South China Morning Post, Opinion page, August 27, 2023.


Why many in China see AI as a force for good,” South China Morning Post, Opinion page, July 20, 2023.


Landscape Art vs Leader Portraits: How the US and Chinese Diplomatic Approaches Differ,” South China Morning Post, Opinion page, July 2, 2023.


Joy of Fishermen at the Willow Village by Fan Qi (1616-after1694) and the Collector Liang Qingbiao’s Social Network,” Newsletter for International China Studies 18 (2020): 227-251.


“Wine Shops in Song Dynasty Landscape Paintings,” Art Collecting and Connoisseurship 3 (2019): 3-40.

Education and Training: 
Ph.D. University of Michigan, 2022