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HAVC Mentors

Gracia portrait

Gracia is a fourth year HAVC major and Claire Wedding Research Fellow. She is particularly interested in critical race art history and art activism. Current research projects include race and racism in museums, the relationship of the Kilohana Art League to Hawaiian Annexation, and visual... more

Andrea portrait

Andrea is a fourth year double major in Film and Digital Media and History of Art and Visual Culture. She is interested in German Expressionism and art of pre-Hispanic cultures from Mexico. She plans to attend graduate school in the fall and continue her research in German Expressionism. ... more

Zoe portrait

Zoë Elliott is a third year HAVC and Art double major.  Her main area of interest in HAVC lies within the contemporary era, particularly Superflat and  issues around representing identity. She also enjoys studying the Pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico and the Andes as well as reading about... more

Natalie portrait

Natalie is a fourth year HAVC major with minors in Economics and Education. She's dabbled in the variety of HAVC courses offered at UCSC, but her main areas of interest range from German Expressionism and Baroque art to internet visual culture and the creation and change of internet phenomena.... more

Paula portrait

Paula is a fourth year double major in philosophy and HAVC. She is interested in the visual culture of the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. This spans to textiles of the Mixtec and Isthmus regions to the Dominican churches of the colonial period to current activist visual production in the state. She... more

Rachel portrait


Rachel is an artist and a double major in Art and HAVC. Having completed the Art program classes, she continues to make and show work with bubbles, beads, and waste flow. Her research in HAVC includes the craft-art diffusion and limitations culture understands through visuality.  ... more

Morganne photo

Morganne will be graduating as a HAVC major after her second year at UCSC, having transferred from community college in southern California. She works in multi media collage in her spare time, creating abstract and colorful compositions, often from found objects and/or trash. Morganne aspires to... more

Meghan portrait


Meghan is a third year HAVC major at UCSC with special interests in surrealist art, as well as utopian architecture and city planning. She likes to work in woodblock and linocut printmaking, drawing, and collage in her spare time. ... more

Trent portrait


Trent is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in History of Art and Visual Culture. He is interested in visual culture and media of the contemporary United States, and how it relates to, or stems from cultures, objects, and events in the past.... more