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HAVC Mentors

My name is Arthur Diaz-Gonzalez and I am a Queer POC and also a HAVC major. My current interests include Pre Hispanic Art, as well as South East Asian Art! I love reading and learning about mythologies of different cultures, my favorites being that of the Mexica and Maya, as well as Chinese and... more

Zoe portrait

Zoë Elliott is a fourth year HAVC and Art double major.  Her main area of interest in HAVC lies within the contemporary era, particularly Superflat and  issues around representing identity. She also enjoys studying the Pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico and the Andes as well as reading about... more

I'm a fourth year HAVC major who transferred from a different four year college. My main interest is in ancient art/visual culture, but I also have a love-hate relationship with modern art. I'm interested in the intersectionality of race, class, and gender with a focus on queer perspectives... more

Alex Hiatt is a Fourth Year HAVC major undergraduate student who transferred from Cabrillo College. Her current research is under the Clare Wedding fellowship with Stacy Kamehiro on Hawaiian representation in relation to annexation. Her special interests include how colonial histories... more

Leea is a second-year HAVC major with a minor in mathematics. She is interested in the influence and subsequent alteration of European Modernism throughout the Americas, especially in post-Revolutionary Mexico. She is also an advocate for museums as community spaces and has interned at the Santa... more

Jocelyn is a 3rd year student majoring in History of Art and Visual Culture and proposed History of Consciousness minor. Her interests lie in the intersections between race, class, and gender in the Latinx/ Chincanx community and how art can be used as a tool to navigate those differing... more