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2022-23 Curriculum

028 Ghosts, Haunting, Memory and Erasure in the Films of Asia Boreth Ly (លី បុរ៉េត)
030 Introduction to European Visual Culture Allan Langdale
040 Museum Cultures: The Politics of Display Jennifer A. González
043 History of Modern Architecture Albert Narath
046 Introduction to U.S. Art and Visual Culture Matthew Harrison Tedford
047 Introduction To Contemporary Art
048 Climate Justice Now! Art, Activism, Environment Today
051 Greek Eyes: Visual Culture and Power in the Ancient Greek World Maria Evangelatou
055 Unclothed: The Naked Body from Antiquity to the Present Maria Evangelatou
058 Gardens of Delight: Fifteen Centuries of Islamic Visual Culture Maria Evangelatou
070 Visual Cultures of the Pacific Islands Stacy L. Kamehiro
080 Colonial Histories and Legacies: Africa, Oceania, and the Indigenous Americas Carolyn Dean
100A Approaches to Visual Studies Katie Ligmond
117 Contemporary Art of Africa
124A Arts of Ancient Southeast Asia Boreth Ly (លី បុរ៉េត)
124E Southeast Asian-American and Diasporic Visual Culture Christina Ayson Plank
127B Buddhist Pure Lands Raoul Birnbaum
127F The Politics of Exclusion: Asian American Visual Culture Christina Ayson Plank
140D Chicano/Chicana Art: 1970-Present Jennifer A. González
141E Histories of Photography
141N Data Cultures: Art, Technology, and the Politics of Visual Representation Kyle Parry
142M Museum Exhibitions
143E History of Design: The Objects of Technology, 1850-The Present Albert Narath
143F Memory, Place, and Preservation in Modern Architecture Albert Narath
151 Greek Myths Antiquity to the Present Maria Evangelatou
157B Italian Renaissance: Art and Architecture Allan Langdale
162A Special Studies in Early Indigenous American Visual Culture: The Ancient Maya Carolyn Dean
178 Museums and Cultural Heritage in Oceania
188A Introduction to Curatorial Studies Tatiane Santa Rosa
191E Feminist Theory and Art Production Jennifer A. González
191H Climate HAVC: Art and Environment Today T. J. Demos
191I Topics in Architecture and Urban History Albert Narath
191N Topics in Renaissance Art and Visual Culture