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Programs Abroad

The flexibility of the HAVC major allows students to partake in Programs Abroad through UCSC or other institutions.  Education abroad provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture, study art and visual culture in a hands-on way, and learn new approaches to art history.  Students interested in studying abroad should consult with a faculty adviser early in their studies in addition to taking language courses (many abroad programs have language requirements). 

The University of California’s Global Engagement Office offers numerous programs abroad in countries throughout the world.  HAVC majors may receive transfer credit for a maximum of two upper-division art history courses taken at outside institutions.  

Petition for courses taken abroad

The flexibility of the HAVC program allows many students to partake in Programs Abroad through UCSC or other institutions.  A petition form must be completed for any courses not on the departmental list.  For courses that have not been pre-approved, please complete the following petition process:

  1. Fill out a substitution petition for each course taken at an outside institution. Every petition must include a syllabus.
  2. Turn in the forms to the HAVC undergraduate advisor for faculty review. 
  3. If approved, the exception will be coded to show up on your student portal.

Please note: Course grades need to be posted on the student's portal before substitutions are official.