C. Julia Huang

Cultural anthropology, ethnographic and fieldwork methods, bodies in Chinese culture, gender and religion, the Buddhist body, culture and globalization
Research Interests: 

C. Julia Huang is a cultural anthropologist of Chinese societies. Huang’s specialty includes religion, globalization, and gender. She has done extensive fieldwork in Taiwan, Malaysia, the United States, and shorter periods of research in Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, and China. Her first book, Charisma and Compassion: Cheng Yen and the Buddhist Tzu Chi Movement (Harvard University Press, 2009) focuses on a lay Buddhist movement that began as a tiny group in Taiwan and grew into an organization with ten million membership worldwide. Recently Huang completed a co-authored book with Robert P. Weller, Keping Wu, and Lizhu Fan, Religion and Charity: The Social Life of Goodness in Chinese Societies (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming). The book examines religious contributions to social welfare in China, Taiwan, and Malaysia. She is currently working on a project on Buddhism and cadaver donations for medical purpose.

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Office Hours: 

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Selected Publications: 


Religion and Charity: The Social Life of Goodness in Chinese Societies (co-authored with Robert P. Weller and Keping Wu, with Lizhu Fan) New York: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.

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Book Review: Democracy’s Dharma: Religious Renaissance and Political Development in Taiwan. By Madsen, Richard. Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 67, No. 4 (November), pp. 1428-1429, 2008.

Teaching Interests: 

Huang has been teaching in the United States and Taiwan. She has given workshops and lectures in Europe, East and Southeast Asia. Courses taught by Huang include:

Upper-level/Graduate: The Buddhist Body in East Asia

Undergraduate: Bodies in Chinese Culture; Introduction to Cultural Anthropology; Reading the Classics; Culture and Globalization; Gender and Religion; Psychological Anthropology

Graduate: Anthropological Methods; Globalization and Transnationalism; Gender and Religion: Anthropological Perspectives; Proseminar: Cultural Anthropology; Religion and Civil Society; Religion and Modernity; Gender and Power; Gender and Globalization

Education and Training: 
Ph.D. and M.A. in Anthropology, Boston University
B.A. in Sociology, National Taiwan University