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How To Declare

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To declare the HAVC major, students must complete TWO history of art and visual culture courses (or equivalent transfer coursework), each from a different geographic region. Please see "Major Requirements" for more details.

Students are eligible to declare the HAVC minor any time after declaring a major.

Students considering the HAVC major or minor are encouraged to complete lower-division courses early in their studies and consult with the HAVC undergraduate advisor to develop an academic plan.

Declaration Process: 

Petitioning to declare a major/minor requires that you do the following as soon as you have met major qualification requirements and/or reach your declaration deadline quarter, whichever comes first:

Step 1: Start by logging into MyUCSC, then click the following link to submit the Petition for Major/Minor 

  • If you are not logged into MyUCSC prior to clicking the petition link, you will need to navigate to your Student Homepage and select the Undergraduate Student eForms tile > Petition for Major/Minor in order to access the form (or click the link again once you are logged in)

Step 2: Meet with the HAVC undergraduate advisor. Please schedule an appointment via Navigate Slug Success (or see contact information for further information)

Please note: Students planning a double major or major/minor program must consult with undergraduate advisors from each program, and petition to declare each program one at a time. When declaration of one major is complete, students may petition for the second major or minor. Feel free to contact with any questions.